DECEMBER 2015 Wrap Up

The last time I did one of these was way back in July! For the months that followed, I wasn’t able to read as much as I wanted to just because school requirements really made it hard for me to find time for books. However, during my Holiday break I had enough time to bounce back and read 19 books and ultimately complete my Goodreads reading challenge! Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 10.11.04 PM

Read on for a full list of the books I read in December 2015:

The physical books: 

The Last Time We Say Goodbye by Cynthia Hand

This book was very mediocre when it started out, and no particular scenes really jumped out at me throughout the middle of the book but towards the end, everything came together beautifully. Lex was a beautiful character to follow!

Rating: 4/5 dinosaurs 

Lois Lane: Fallout by Gwenda Bond

The story of Lois Lane was nothing like I expected and it covered a lot of aspects like underground government projects and some gaming terms that I couldn’t necessarily understand but I enjoyed the novel, still. I wouldn’t mind reading the next book!

Rating: 3/5 dinosaurs

Paige by Page Laura Lee Gulledge

This was my 2nd graphic novel and before coming into it, I knew nothing because I randomly picked this up in a thrift bookstore. I was surprised by how much I related so well to Paige’s teenage troubles. It didn’t hurt that the illustrations were beautifully done as well! This is a great read if you are trying to get out of a slump of like I was, or trying to read a Reading challenge goal.

Rating: 4/5 dinosaurs 

Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg

If anything, I am a real sucker for stories of best friends that fall in love with each other. Besides that, this was a beautifully written story with well developed characters: Read my full review here

Rating: 4/5 dinosaurs 

Popular by Maya Van Wagenen

I’ve been trying out books that are out of my comfort zone and that includes non fiction. I liked this book enough and everything about it was very relatable but I felt like a younger me would have appreciated this more. Now that I’m 18, most things that I’ve read in this book I’ve already learned for myself. I suggest maybe giving this to a younger sibling!

Rating: 3/5 dinosaurs

Crank by Ellen Hopkins

What can I say except Ellen Hopkins is a literary genius who has the guts to right about the tough subjects most authors wouldn’t even dare touch on. If you haven’t read any of her works, what are you doing?!?

Rating: 4/5 dinosaurs 

We Were Liars by E. Lockheart

Just read it. You don’t know what you’re missing. Just a word of caution: HAVE TISSUES. 

Rating: 4/5 dinosaurs 

The House by Christina Lauren

Another impulse buy that I picked up in the bookstore out of curiosity. Christina Lauren is also an author of new adult books like Beautiful Bastard among others so I thought to try it out. This had a really unique concept that included a possessed house and although it was not as scary as I hoped it would be, there were still some thrilling moments I really enjoyed!

Rating: 3.5/5 dinosaurs 

Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten

This book reminded me a lot of  Gone Girl meets Thirteen Reasons Why and the first half of the novel was surprisingly good especially because I expected this to be a disappointment based on the low ratings. However, some things that happened in the middle of the book kind of dragged it down hill and it didn’t end the way I wanted it to.

Rating: 3/5 dinosaurs 

This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales

While I love very realistic, true to life contemporary fiction I also enjoy some books that are out of this world. While it’s not exactly and everyday occurrence for a teenage girl to stumble upon an underground club and suddenly become a famous DJ, I still enjoyed Elise’s story of self discovery!

Rating: 4/5 dinosaurs 

Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

While I’m no stranger to the paranormal trope (vampires, werewolves, fairies) having read my fair share of the mortal instruments, twilight, and the like, I came into this with no expectations at all. I understand that Evie did not grow up as a typical teenager which is why she acts like a kid sometimes but apart from that, the book just dragged way too much.

Rating: 3/5 

The Tequila Worm by Viola Canales

A thoughtful gift from one of my cousins and also the main character has the same name as me made this so much sweeter to read. I loved learning all about the Mexican culture!

Rating: 3.5/5 dinosaurs 

The Elite by Kiera Cass

Despite being a passionate hater of love triangles, I was able to stomach what was happening between Aspen, Maxon, and America and I’m really happy I decided to continue on with the series 2 years after reading The Selection!

Rating: 4/5 dinosaurs 

The One by Kiera Cass

The epic finale to what was a great love story between a commoner and a Prince. This is one of the best endings to a series I’ve ever read and I couldn’t have asked Kiera Cass for a better written story. I’m gonna cry just thinking about that ending *cue dramatic crying*

Rating: ALL THE STARS! Just kidding. 5/5 dinosaurs

The EBooks

Never, Never by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

I’ve been putting this off for a long time now because a lot of friends of mine who read this before me said that the cliffhanger was a killer. After some time I decided to give it a shot because at least the second part was already out. WHAT A STORY! I can’t really review this properly without giving anything away but give it a shot. This kept me at the edge of my seat all throughout.

Rating: 4/5 dinosaurs

Never, Never Part 2 by Colleen Hoover and Tarryn Fisher

Seriously. Again with the cliffhangers?? GRRR!

Rating: 4/5 dinosaurs 

Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav

I had skimmed through this book the moment it came out and my sister got it and I remember being amazed with how Lang Leav wrote. But now older and with having read more after a few years, I realized that Lang Leav’s poems weren’t as special as I thought they were

Rating: 2.5/5 dinosaurs 

Lullabies by Lang Leav

Lang Leav’s second collection of poetry was a million times better than Love & Misadventure and I found myself relating more with her work in this book.

Rating: 4/5 dinosaurs

The Selection Epilogue by Kiera Cass

MAXON and America are so cute, I could die

Rating: 4/5 dinosaurs 

I had a great reading month. I hope you did too! I can’t wait for what January has in store for me.




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